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My name is Zoe dunlea, I'm a thirty-one year old from the wonderful city of Cork, Ireland.


like the majority of people in their mid-twenties, I debated with myself on what the right direction was for my career. I spent many years as a barber then a dental practice manager and realising in every role i worked in, my main skills, strengths and passions were always people focused. For me, life coaching isn’t a job, it’s a vocation. In order to truly fulfil my mission in a way that is aligned with my unique skills and passions, i decided I would need to pivot. 


I received extensive training and I am an ACC accredited Life Coach from The Coach Training Academy, where i received a scholarship to attend, based on several interview processes. (We all know how intimidating interviews can be). 


i now focus on helping people unlock their full potential, figure out the next steps in their life & career, and then actually make it happen.


I believe that our dreams (both personal & professional) are possible, and through my unique Mindful Mindset Method, i coach people on how to start to live life on their own terms.


I'm A firm believer that “a genuine story can change someone’s life,” i document & share my own entrepreneurial & personal development journey on my social media platforms. Check out my instagram feed below.

When i'm not working, you’ll find me either reading (book recommendations), doing yoga, attending a wellness/personal growth workshops, going for walks with my boyfriend, or hanging out with family & friends. 

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